Whosapp Online is the only working application to monitor your relatives, family and colleagues on WhatsApp.

Find out when they are online and how long they stay on the popular messaging platform. The question they usually asks us is: how does Whosapp really works?


Once registered you just need to enter the phone number of the contact you wish to monitor. In few minutes you will be informed in real time when the numbers you follow open Whatsapp.

Whosapp Online does not only warns you when the monitored user goes online, but it also displays all the accesses in intuitive and numerous charts.

All the logs of the contacts you follow will be visible in your account. To start using the service you can signup here.

Who needs Whosapp?

The service is aimed at couples that wish to follow each other and it’s also used often by parents to monitor their children. There are several reasons to use the service, such as preventing excessive use of the phone by young children or even monitoring their sleep. We developed a peculiar function that accurately estimates the hours of sleep of the contacts.

Whosapp Online also gives you the ability to monitor multiple people at the same time. Thanks to our innovative algorithm, it crosses the accesses of two numbers to calculate the probability that they chatted in a precise moment.

You can use Whosapp with all your devices on our website or download the Android application here.

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If you have further questions about how Whosapp works, you can contact us at support@whosapp.online