The best Whatsapp Online tracker is here! Find out Whosapp Online, the successor of WhatsDog apk!

WhatsDog is a simple tool that informs you when a contact connects to WhatsApp. It allows you to spy any phone number, even if that person has turned his informations to private.

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Why Whosapp Online is better than WhatsDog apk?

Over the years, WhatsDog has been the most used software to monitor the online status of a potential target user.

We tested it for a long time. We noticed many bugs and it didn’t always work. That’s why we decided to develop its successor: Whosapp Online.

The credibility of all Whatsapp trackers is given by their reliability.

WhatsDog has disappeared for this reason. Most users complained about the inefficiency and the inaccuracy of the data shown.

WhatsDog apk: missing features

Whosapp Online team is working hard everyday to offer a feature-full and functional service. Some of the innovative concepts we introduced in our platform are instant notifications, sleep informations, weekly and monthly reports.

In addition, Whosapp Online website allows you to receive instant notification on your laptop or desktop computer.

Our users’ opinion is very important. We always try our best to satisfy all your requests. After a careful analysis, we developed crossed report function. All WhatsDog previous users loudly asked for it!

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Thanks to Whosapp Online crossed report function you will get dynamic charts and infographics for a simple and complete user study. If you follow two contacts or more, you can find out the odds of them talking together through our clever algorithm.

With more than 3000 reviews Whosapp Online is recommended by all our customers. At the same time, in many website like TrustPilot users rated us with more than 4.7 stars on 5.

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