Whosapp Online is currently available in 8 different languages. As a result, it’s the first Whatsapp tracker in multiple languages in the world!

It’s fully compatible with all smartphones and it also supports all the devices of the Apple iOS operating system.

A team of professional native speakers has carefully translated the entire website word by word. Therefore you won’t get one of those sloppy translations that comes from Google Translate. We care about our users and we chose to provide a high quality service, as we always do.

Our latest addition

Since our users from Spain, Mexico and South American countries asked us many times to release a Spanish version for them, we’re proud to announce that we heard your requests. We recently released the Spanish language version that you can easily find here.

The other languages we support are Italian, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Indian and French. And also English, of course!

How to manually change the language

Our website automatically detects what’s your browser default language and that’s the language you’ll see. But if you prefer to manually select a language of your choice, you can do so by scrolling down to the bottom of our homepage. Here you’ll see a list of flags, each one representing a language. If you go ahead and click or touch on a flag, the website will reload in the language you chose.

Whosapp Online homepage's footer

If you wish to make this selection permanent, we suggest you to save Whosapp in your browser’s bookmarks or add it to the home screen of your phone. This way you won’t have to select the language again every time you close your browser!

Why did we add support for so many languages?

If you can read this post, it means that you can understand english. But if you try to imagine just for a moment that you couldn’t, you’ll quickly realize that there is no whatsapp tracker in multiple languages and you’re left with no choice but to waste your precious time to monitor your contacts manually by visiting their whatsapp chat at every moment.

We always strive to provide a platform that makes all our users and customers happy. That’s our goal. And thanks to all the languages we support now, the experience of non-native english speakers has been greatly enhanced.

We have to say that this is a difficult time we write this blog post on. The coronavirus pandemic has spread globally, so we wish to remind everybody to stay at home safely. We will soon defeat this enemy together.

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