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WhosApp is an online tracker that allows you to monitor your contacts on WhatsApp. You will be able to check your crush messaging activity, the one of your family members, and so on. Keep an eye on them with WhosApp!

Our yearly subscriptions

We offer different type of subscriptions to match your needs! For instance, we have a selection of year membership depending on your tracking necessities, number of contacts to follow, and level of details wanted. Alternatively, we can satisfy all of your detective needs also thanks to our fast checkout option.

Here we present our offers:

1. BASIC subscription:

The BASIC WhosApp membership allows you to fully track one of your WhatsApp contacts. Also, WhosApp will send you weekly and monthly reports on your contacts online activities. Included in the offer are sleeping pattern information: discover when the person you are tracking goes to bed at night and wakes up in the morning. Was it a late night-out…?

Moreover, you can enjoy this offer and pay using Bitcoin: a fast, secure, and anonymous form of payment. Discover all of Bitcoin benefits on our blog.

SUMMARY: 1 contact – weekly & monthly reports – sleep information

2. PRO subscription:

This membership offers you the same features as the BASIC plan but now you can track up to TWO of your phone contacts. For this reason, WhosApp allows you to access special crossed statistics reports. We will tell you the chance of your two tracked contacts texting each other. Is he/she cheating? Am I being left out? In other words, this feature is a real game changer!

SUMMARY: 2 contacts – weekly & monthly reports – crossed statistics – sleep information

3. PRO+ subscription

The PRO+ membership is your ultimate companion for your tracking needs. You can track up to four of your contacts and access all of their info on their online activity. Never miss a detail and broaden your scope with PRO+.

SUMMARY: 4 contacts – weekly & monthly reports – crossed statistics – sleep information

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